About me

A student in hopes of pursuing a career in the field of the creative arts
I’m drawing whenever I want to, creative when I want to be, and I believe only then can a person create a true masterpiece
An English teacher once criticized my work for being “too creative”. I take that as a compliment to this day :P

My passion for reading fuels that of my writing, which then makes me share my life on the Interwebz (Instead of finishing my novel that’s been gathering dust since November.) Authors I admire include James Dashner, James Patterson, John Green, and Ilsa J. Bick. You guys are wonderful!

I cannot stop procrastinating to save my life and I have a huge thing for cats. Especially my kitty, Tiny. I also love filming and making videos and I’m a cat lady so check out his YouTube channel over here!

I paint digitally and traditionally, and I post my art on this website. I also love taking pictures and posting them on Instagram, so check those out as well!

In this blog, I share my random rantings and thoughts about whatever comes to mind, and my activities throughout my life, concentrating on everything creative in this world: art, cooking, crafts & DIY and many more!

Thanks for stopping by

– Reem